Are you new to inking? Have you inked in the past but are a little rusty? Do you ink all the time, but just want to level up?

To better serve the Inktober community we’ve partnered with and Sktchy to provide you with several amazing inking courses taught by some of the world’s best artists, all at affordable prices.

How to Ink 2.0

Level: Intermediate

Total Class Time: 4 Hours 20 Minutes

Prepare to take your inking to the next level with pro inker and creator of Inktober, Jake Parker. Learn how to make beautiful line work and draw whatever your imagination comes up with.

How To Ink

Level: Beginner to intermediate

Total Class Time: 2 Hours 26 Minutes

A great introduction to the tools and techniques of inking. Taught by Inktober creator, Jake Parker. Includes printable PDF with drawings you can ink over.

Brushpen with Peter Han

Level: Advanced

Total Class Time: 1 Hour

Prepare to go deep into the world of brush pens! Follow along as ink master Peter Han gets into the mechanics of brush pens and demos how they perform. Part One of three.